Getting a Person into Rehab if they are in an Abusive Relationship

Published by Ian Blackford on 27-March-2019. Category:Recovery

Even though you feel powerless and hopelessly lost, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Abuse and addiction are a storm that overtakes the souls of our loved ones.

They bring huge swells and outrageous waves making them feel they will capsize and probably drown.

You will feel so sad watching them fall deeper into addiction while suffering from domestic abuse in silence. Your goal is not only to help them out of addiction but also liberating them from the chains of an abusive relationship.

Taking such a road won’t be easy for you but it’s worth it at the end. It will challenge your own point of strength and possibly test your emotional willpower. Remember it’s the only way to go and must be done.

Don’t start with a negative mind as this will capsize any hopes. Instead, focus on the final achieves and this will double your determination, affection, and support. You are the last hope for your loved ones. This is regardless of whether they know it or not. Just help them through their journey to recovery and healing.

Below are ways you can help get a person into rehab if they are in an abusive relationship.

Start by breaking the cycle

This is the first step to unchain your loved ones from their damaging response cycle. All you need is to encourage them to face the challenge and reassure all will end well. They should be made aware of the existence of two separate but related problems.

They are going through domestic abuse and addiction at the same time. Remember they are traumatized at this point and therefore may resort into self-defense. They hate facing the reality making it hard for you to help them.

While it’s normal to do so, such reactions should not be sustained. You can spare some time with the abused partner when they are alone. Share your mind on how you feel about their relationship and how it’s affecting them. Be precise when doing this by giving examples of the problems you see.

To make the feel loved, explain how you understand the situation and never blame them for that.

You can ask other friends to join you in offering emotional support as they try to unchain themselves from the bondage of abuse and addiction. Don’t give in to any excuse they will try to insinuate.

After you have listened to their views, now discuss possible solutions such as engaging the law if necessary. You can also give the shelter once they break away from their abusive relationship.

More importantly, don’t try to shame your loved ones. They have had it enough already. All you need is to show them love and compassion. Once they feel appreciated, it becomes easier to break the cycle. Chances are your loved ones may fail to listen to your advice and break away from the abusive relationship.

At this point, you must resort to an intervention. The essence is to help them understand and feel how their abuse has affected others. This will bring them back into conscious and allow room for change in their lives. Staging an intervention is quite easy.

First, you need to plan the right time to stage an intervention, people to involve and facts to present. Next, you should resolve specific consequences in case they fail to heed to your advice. This may include calling the police, cutting off any material support among others.

The challenge comes in implementing the failure consequences. You will be damaging your relationship with your loved ones but it’s the only solution to help them out.

Getting them to help

If things go well and they accept to get help, then do all you can and get them into rehab. The first step should be dealing with the abuser. You can file for a restraining order on the abuse. If necessary, file for criminal charges too. Ensure you assist the abused move their belongings to a private location.

If they have any kids, then file for sole custody. You should also remove their names from the lease home or joint accounts.

Once you are through with that, then you can get them into rehab. This will help them heal from any stress disorders and detoxify from drug addiction. In the end, they will get back into good shape and health. Finally, help them secure a home and if possible a good job.

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