Improving the quality of your sleep if you are in recovery

The issue of lack of sleep is prevalent among most people in the early stages of addiction recovery.  Technology in the form of sleep aids can assist in such circumstances. An example of these is a simple pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones...


EARLY SOBRIETY: Tips for Success ($hits Not Easy)

Getting sober is one thing but staying sober and not being miserable is a whole new ball game. In this video, I dive into some of the traps you need to look out for when in early sobriety to help you get through the sticking point. I have been...

"Step One" with...

April 04 ,2019

AA Speaker -...

April 04 ,2019

BILL W. A...

April 04 ,2019


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ADDICTION IS POSSIBLE FOR EVERYBODY: At RMA, we truly believe recovery from addiction is possible for all. We believe science will one day discover a workable cure for addiction. We aim to cover scientific developments in this important area. Each week, we condense the news relating to cutting edge addiction treatments.

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HOPE THROUGH OTHER’S EXPERIENCES: We also bring to you case studies and personal stories told by people who are succeeding in their recovery. This allows us to offer up practical strategies that ease the process of addiction recovery.


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