Improving the quality of your sleep if you are in recovery

Published by Ian Blackford on 09-April-2019. Category:Recovery

The issue of lack of sleep is prevalent among most people in the early stages of addiction recovery.  Technology in the form of sleep aids can assist in such circumstances. An example of these is a simple pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones commonly known as SleepPhones.

What Are SleepPhones?

These are simple and unique headphones that are designed with certain features to help people experiencing sleep problems.

The idea behind these earphones was a family doctor as a way to address her issues with insomnia. As such, AcousticSheep LLC came into being. The exceptional design comes as a specially compacted headphone with soothing background noise and audio which works to relax and induce quality sleep in users.

How they Work

The earphones are discretely embedded in a soft and comfortable headband. As wireless Bluetooth gadget, all you have to do is use the adjustable controls to listen to audio through the earphones.  You can also listen to a guided kind of meditation which helps you to swiftly drift into slumberland.

For this purpose, the earphones come with two distinct features that make the gadget to transmit the sleep audio. These are a flat removable speaker, and a flimsy, yet very thin Bluetooth receiver. The receiver is built with two special buttons, which are triangular in shape.

Users can easily control them in terms of volume adjustment, or if simply they want to skip the audio tracks. All components are fitted in the headband are easy and adjustable to your preferences.  The same can be easily removed. The ability to disengage them at will also means that you can also wash your headband whenever you feel like.

The features around these earphones are designed in such a way that users enjoy ultimate comfort. From the softest of the headbands to the thin Bluetooth receiver, and flat speaker; all these ensure that the bulky nature that is inherent with most headphones is eliminated, allowing you to enjoy long and undisturbed sleep.

Other than that, the fabric, which is amazingly smooth to the touch, is made of about 95% of polyester, while the remaining 5% is spandex for stretchy purposes. The result is of a completely lightweight piece of sleep aid which is hypoallergenic and breathes naturally.

How SleepPhones Can Help People In Recovery

According to most research statistics more and more adults suffer from insomnia at one point or another in their lives. But it is even more evident, and prevalent in people struggling with substance, or those in recovery from its use, and alcoholism.

Used together with other techniques of therapy, SleepPhones can function as useful sleep aids for patients in early recovery of any kind of addictions. The SleepPhones comes with some of the softest and soothing audio which creates calm and works on the mind to enable sound sleep. As such, they can have great positive outcomes to anyone struggling with sleep as a result of substance abuse, medication side effects, or alcoholism.

How the SleepPhones Have Been Tested

The testing is meant to give first-hand impressions of the good and the bad of the SleepPhones. The process involves the  following:

  • Participating individuals have the gadgets for the 3 straight days.
  • They are  asked to sleep using the  SleepPhones  for those  3 consecutive days
  • They are allowed to  examine  and give  feedback on both the  external features  as well as its  functionalities  as they  sleep

Feedback from Testing

The following is an outline in the form of pros and cons from the initial testing of the external features and functionality of the  SleepPhones.


  • Fabric made from the best hypoallergenic and breathable material, allowing lots of comforts around your head are  as you sleep’
  • The earphones are such a lightweight that you do feel as if you are wearing anything around your head at all.=
  • They are also embedded in the headband, so they won’t disengage as you sleep.=
  • You can adjust the control to enjoy variety in terms of audio


  • The not come with an instructional manual, so you just work your way around to using them.


SleepPhones can serve a greater purpose for people struggling to get good quality sleep; more so, those individuals recovering from one kind of addiction to another. It is because, at this point in time, sleep is critical to the overall recovery process.