How to Stay Sober Without AA

Published by Ian Blackford on 28-March-2019. Category:Recovery

There are many ways you can recover from your drinking problem. One such option is known as Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). However, there are individuals who lack faith is this 12 step program which seeks to unite former alcoholics in the journey to recovery.

Others find it hard to attend the mutual fellowship as a result of family obligations, work duties, transportation among other many reasons.

For those who fall under this category, there is hope for you. Now it’s possible to quit drinking without Alcoholic Anonymous. Now hold on your hat as I take you through the many ways to stay sober

Quit drinking without AA

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have been beneficial to many people who are affected by alcohol. However, these meetings may not fulfil the needs of everyone. Some people find it hard to rely on a fellowship program. Below are ways you can quit drinking without this mutual fellowship.

1. Have a recovery network online

You can use the internet to realize your dream to sobriety. The internet makes the world look like a global village where you connect with people from diverse backgrounds. Also, there are various platforms, social media groups, chat rooms among other sites.

You can take advantage of these places to start your amazing journey to recovery. If you need hope, then worry not.

The internet is full of professional bloggers, motivation speakers, inspirational videos and quotes, podcasts among many things. Suck kind of valuable resources is designed to provide courage throughout your sobriety journey.

For those who can’t access the internet from their homes, then look for alternatives places such as libraries. The internet is your best resolution if you hate the idea of AA fellowship.

2. Bring back old memories to stay sober

You can do it by viewing photos in your album. This works best particularly when you feel an urge to drink. Remember most people run into alcohol as a way of escaping shame, trouble, problems or stress.

They will, therefore, resort to drinking in order to forget the harsh reality for a while. Once you feel stressed, take your album and go through your childhood photos. It will help bring back the old good memories.

These photos speak the far somebody has come from hence giving hope to keep pushing harder.

If you wanted to join the Alcoholic Anonymous group but dint manages due to finances, then this approach may work best for you.

3. Stay fit

Exercising on a regular basis is a good alternative for AA. Physical training is known to stimulate essential elements such as endorphins. These substances will help you feel happy and contented. Once you are happy and satisfied, it becomes easier to eliminate alcohol cravings. In addition, keeping fit is good for general health.

4. Writing in journals to release stress and fear

Most people use alcohol to release tension and stress. Once they are sober, they realize it was not a good option at all. It only allows one to hide behind the realities instead of facing them. You should consider writing your feelings in journals.

This means you write when happy, sad, frustrated, agitated or worried. Through writing, you are able to relieve your stress and emotions into words. Keeping emotions in your heart will kill you silently. Instead, let them off by writing. Give it a try today.

5. Keep words of wisdom on hand to stay sober

There is power in words. Words can make you happy and boost your moods for a better part of the day. Those who seek to stay sober usually write constructive messages on media platforms and websites. Others choose to paint their homes with influential quotes.

Once they read the message in those quotations, they feel encouraged to stay sober every day. Other go an extra mile to place inspiring quotes in their cars, workplaces, and phones. This keeps reminding them of how the world can be amazing without alcohol.

Words are powerful. Use words especially when going through difficult moments and you will find peace within your heart. Always talk positive on your social media profiles or home.

Revisiting those words now and again will mould you into a better person who can stay sober without AA. Its like words light up your way so that you can follow on a clear path to recovery.

That said, there are many options to consider if you want to quit drinking without Alcoholic Anonymous. Most of the methods will give positive results. You can as well get professional help from a rehabilitation center.