Innovative Lockbox Hopes to Reduce Opiate Addiction

Published by Ian Blackford on 28-March-2019. Category:Opiate Addiction

For a long time, there have been many cases where addiction treatments centers have encountered a number of roadblocks. One area where issues have been prevalent is when it comes to retaining their patients in the medication-assisted treatment.

In this kind of treatment, a unique approach has always been used where most patients in recovery are prescribed medication such as Suboxone and Vivitrol, not forgetting methadone. The main purpose of these kinds of medications is to minimize opiate craving.

The drugs are also used to reduce the negative side effects of withdrawal. Earlier investigations have shown that indeed, these medications have the immense effect of reducing the risk of overdose by more than half.

The problem, however, is that in as much as patients in recovery have all the positives to say about this treatment, transportation of the medications becomes an issue.

As such, cases of premature discontinuation of treatment have been many. It is the reason suitable ways, and programmes such as MySafeRx have had to be developed so that patients can still access the kind of medication they need.

Invention of MySafeRx

As result of the stated issues, the University of South Florida under the leadership of research professor Kathleen Moore, Ph.D., has been conducting a number of studies, as well as intensive research to come up with easier ways through which patients in recovery can continue with their medication after medical-assisted treatment.

It is in the same breathe that anew technology with which medication can be accessed remotely has been developed. One of the main goals for this technology, known as MySafeRx, is that it will serve by recruiting even more people with issues of addiction into their program. The basis is to reduce cases of addiction in areas where this technology is in use.

What is MySafeRx?

It is a specially designed and versatile programme which comes with a number of features; these include the highly innovative and unique lockbox which can only be opened by an authorized person.

Usually, the opener could be a mobile recovery coach from MySafeRx programme. Selected participants are allocated a mobile coach. Every day these participants have to check in and partake of some of the program’s video conferencing classes.

The classes are quite enriching which involve interactive discussions of each participant’s daily recovery goals, as well as any challenges they could be facing.

During the sessions, they also go through a type of assessment for safety. They are then provided with a unique code for unlocking the lockbox. Once they unlock it, they can access their prescription such as Suboxone drugs.

How Is The Level Of Adherence To MySafeRx?

The major concern has been a high incidence of overdose due to addiction. For instance, when users come out of either prison or residential treatment, or when they come from inpatient detoxification programmes, there have been clearly high cases of overdose among the patients. Most times, these have led to equally high numbers of deaths.

MySafeRx programme, together with its mobile coaches and interventionist education programmes, has recorded a high level of adherence. It is mostly because patients can readily access treatment from wherever they are; and coaches are easily available to assess them, ensuring that the participants are on cue with treatment.

With the main detox center in Tampa, Dr. Moore together with others has been actively working hand in hand with Agency for community treatment services (ACTS) to recruit as many clients as possible.

Meanwhile, with ACTS being just about the only treatment center in Tampa, also comes with highly vulnerable patients who are usually placed under the Marchman Act.

Patients under this programme are basically considered to be not only a risk unto themselves but to others as well. The best platform for detox purposes for these clients happens to be ACTS. These are also the most suitable participants for such technology as MySafeRx.


Dr. Moore, together with her impeccable team of researchers has continued to put MySafeRx to the test. They basically target participants just before they are discharged from the treatment center, and enroll them into this new technology.

Due process is followed for each of the participants, by ensuring that they attend video conferencing, and after they are assessed to be safe, can get the code to unlock the lockbox for their medication.