Why Most Addiction Treatment is Failing

Published by Ian Blackford on 28-March-2019. Category:Addiction Treatment

It has become an unfortunate situation where a recovering addict relapses after going through addiction treatment. Rehabilitation centers have become a prime place to help out such struggling souls. The success rate at times becomes encouraging but at times it just shows how ineffective these treatment centers have become.

The due process and procedures towards the road to recovery should be taken seriously to avoid loopholes that would cause a relapse.

Most treatment centers are to blame once a relapse occurs since they don’t have what it takes to help out addicts recover.

Below are some of the problems encountered in addiction treatment and their solutions.

Variability in quality.

It has been noted that recently a lot of rehab centers are mushrooming. The intention for most owners is to help out an addict to enable them to retract their ways and steps. The availability of these facilities has led to malicious people opening up such facilities that lack the right accreditation and licensing.

This creates a huge parity in terms of the regulated and guided services offered by duly accredited rehabs and facilities. Facilities that are not regulated at times provide substandard services as they prefer taking short cuts to treat addicts.

The right process should be followed to the letter to ensure a good transition and avoid relapse for the recovering addicts.

Failure to address mental illness.

A lot of people who join rehabilitation centers are normally insane and require mental check up other than concentrating on their road to recovery from addiction to substance abuse. Services provided by these facilities don’t address or provide remedies for the mentally ill persons who are on their way to recovery.

A lot of states in the US such as Massachusetts are dedicating budgets to take care of the people battling with addiction and are not fit mentally. Most of the facilities lack the services of qualified mental health counselors and psychiatrists to help some of the patients recover.

A stable mind will mean more accurate and will be in a position to make the right judgment when it comes to substance abuse. Some addicts that are mentally ill have high chances of drifting back to their usual and old habits.

Kicking people out of treatment.

At times there could be addicts that find it hard to cope without the abused substance. A relapse in some patients is expected and what most treatment centers do is to chase away such people who need the care and attention once again.

The treatment centers fear issues such as peer influence and continued relapse from the affected patients. in order to curb such a situation, it is important for any treatment facility to include stringent rules and regulations that should guide the recovering addicts towards a successful path such as banning cellphones and conversations with old friends, prohibiting smoking indoors and selling drugs to other recovering addicts.

The other viable option is giving referrals to the ‘naughty’ recovering addicts to other higher levels of care.

Lack of social support.

There is an old adage ‘no man is an island’ This simply means that in order for you to walk in the path of success there must be a person or people who worked with you in that journey of hardships and a lot of obstacles.

Recovering addicts work through the same path and improper guidance in treatment centers could lead to a relapse.

It is right for any treatment center to make follow-ups and work with the social groups formed to help the recovering addicts. These centers should make constant follow-ups and assign personal professionals who should help them in case they require professional advice.

The facilities should also work out ways of helping them to breakdown any social ties with enemies of progress. This could be influential friends that would lead the recovering addicts back to temptations.

Finally, for the treatment process to be a success, loopholes need to be sealed and all affected parties should work together to help out the people who need us most during their most difficult times.

Appropriate steps should be taken by treatment centers to improve on the success rate of all the addicts who turn up to get assisted.

Always look for accredited treatment options so that you receive professional services and security that your member of family or friend will receive the necessary treatment and help.