Tire Safety Facts and Quizzes

How Tire Smart Are YOU?

You already know that driving safely is important. And so is learning how to get the most out of your car by maintaining it properly. That includes the tires. Well-maintained tires make your car safer, helps it last longer, and saves you money, too.

But believe it or not, fewer than half of all drivers check the condition of their tires on a regular basis. Put yourself on the road to proper tire care by taking one or all of our tire safety quizzes.

Click on one of the links below to view the tire safety quiz of your choice and select the answer you think is the right one. If you want to study before your take the quiz, take a peek at our Be Tire Smart – Play Your Play tire safety brochure.

Tire Basics: Test Your ‘Be Tire Smart’ Knowledge

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Seasonal Safety – Watch out for slippery road conditions!

Traveling Tips – Make sure your tires are ready for the road.