The Use of Scrap Tires in Rotary Cement Kilns

RMA has identifield two markets, both having large-scale, for scrap tire consumption. These markets were as a supplemental fuel (whole or processed tires) and as ground rubber for asphalt pavement. The largest potential fuel market identified by this evaluation was cement kilns.

To expand the use of scrap tires in cement kilns, RMA prepared a report that describes the use, destruction and energy recovery of whole or processed scrap tires in rotary kilns [for the purposes of this report, whole or processed scrap tires used as a supplemental fuel will be referred to as TDF – tire derived fuel].

This report may not answer all the technical aspects relative to the use of TDF. It does, however, supply information and suggested strategies that can answer many of your initial questions concerning the use of TDF. The information supplied herein are suggested procedures based on field experience and conversations with kiln operators using TDF, and are not representative of my given technology. The actual procedure or protocols used at your facility may vary, due to environmental requirements or different conditions at your plant. Furthermore, this report is not the only means of support RMA is prepared to offer. After reading the report, you may have additional questions. RMA would be glad to arrange a visit in which the technical, regulatory and supply aspects of this matter can be further discussed.

Download complete report: The Use of Scrap Tires in Rotary Cement Kilns (pdf/58k)