RMA Offering Free Tire Repair Education Materials to Tire, Auto Shops

Improper Tire Repairs Pose Safety Risks

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WASHINGTON, DC, February 12, 2015 — The Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) is offering free tire repair wall charts and handouts to tire dealer and automotive service locations throughout March to help educate consumers about proper tire repair.

Consumer research by RMA shows that a significant portion of US motorists, who have experienced a tire puncture do not know how to identify an improper tire repair.  About 30% of drivers who have had a puncture in the repairable tread area of their tire believe that an acceptable repair can be performed without removing the tire from the rim.  More than 60% of consumers trust mechanics to repair tires correctly.

“Giving automotive service providers access to tire industry repair guidelines is the first step to ensuring tire repairs are done correctly,” said Dan Zielinski, RMA senior vice president.  “This information is important to prevent improper repairs from endangering motorist safety.”

Not all punctured tires are repairable, according to RMA’s industry repair standard.  Repairs outside the repairable area of the tire or repairs attempted without demounting a tire from the rim are not recognized as proper tire repairs.

“Taking the tire off the rim allows technicians to assess the damage to the inner portion of the tire,” Zielinski said.  “If this interior damage not addressed, motorists are at increased risk of air loss, further tire damage and tire failure.”

RMA is inviting the automotive service community to sign up for free educational materials on its web site, http://www.rma.org/tire-safety/free-puncture-repair-materials/.  The materials include RMA’s puncture repair wall chart in print or electronic form; a printed handout that can be used to educate consumers about RMA’s repair standard and; other downloadable materials.

“A punctured tire is serious,” Zielinski said.  “We urge consumers not to skimp on fixing a damaged tire. The few dollars saved by accepting an improper repair will mean nothing if it leads to tire failure and vehicle crash.”

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The Rubber Manufacturers Association is the national trade association for tire manufacturers that produce tires in the U.S.  All RMA press releases are available at www.rma.org.