Recycled Rubber Products Catalog


One of the keys to expanding markets for recycled materials is to build a demand for the finished products which have a recycled material content. In this respect, recycled rubber is no different than many other recycled materials. The purpose of the Recycled Rubber Products Catalog is to help make the buying public aware of the range of products that are manufactured with a recycled rubber content in the hope that this will assist market expansion for these products and hence, expand the market for recycled rubber.

Annually, more than 250 million scrap tires are discarded in the United States. After long and faithful service on family cars, long-haul trucks, construction equipment, agricultural and logging equipment, or in a variety of other applications, scrap tires can no longer safely perform the tasks for which they were originally designed. Then the proper management of scrap tires becomes a major solid waste management issue.

Fortunately there are many sound markets for scrap tires — markets which are both environmentally and economically sound. These include the use of scrap tires as a fuel in a variety of energy intensive industries, the use of whole or processed tires in civil engineering applications, and also the grinding of scrap tire rubber into a granular form to be used as a basic material in the manufacture of other products.

RMA presents this catalog as part of its broad mission to assist in expanding the markets for scrap tires. The association continues to work to assist in promoting scrap tires as a valuable commodity in all ways that are economically and environmentally sound. The group continues to focus in the area of market development, where it seeks to expand all sound markets for the utilization of scrap tires and scrap tire-derived materials.

The appearance of any product or company in the Recycled Rubber Products Catalog does not imply an endorsement or recommendation of that product or company by Rubber Manufacturers Association. The Recycled Rubber Products Catalog is published solely as a reference source and no warranty, expressed or implied, is made to the accuracy of the information contained therein. RMA assumes no liability to any individual, person, company or any other entity, including the companies listed in the Recycled Rubber Products Catalog, for the accuracy of the material contained therein including but not limited to any errors or omissions.

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Recycled Rubber Products Catalog