Zipper Rupture Bulletin Now Available

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Dan Zielinski
(202) 682-4846

WASHINGTON, D.C.February 13, 2008 – The Rubber Manufacturers Association announced today the issuance of a revised Tire Industry Service Bulletin for procedures in addressing zipper ruptures in certain commercial vehicle tires.

The purpose of this bulletin is to describe the inspection procedures for identifying potential sidewall circumferential ruptures (also know as “zipper ruptures”) on truck/bus tires and light truck tires of steel cord radial construction.
Zipper ruptures can be extremely hazardous to tire repair technicians. Careful adherence to proper repair procedures is crucial. Ply cords weaken by under inflation or overloading may break one after another, until a rupture occurs in the upper sidewall with accompanying instantaneous air loss and explosive force. This can result in serious injury or death.

The bulletin, “Inspection Procedures to Identify Potential Sidewall ‘Zipper Ruptures’ In Steel Cord Radial Truck, Bus and Light Truck Tires” Volume 33 no. 3, is available on the RMA web site’s Publication section or can be ordered by phone at 800-325-5095 or fax 330-725-5095.

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